The Feeling In My Stomach

As best as I can remember the touching began with what seemed to be a slight slip of the hand during tickling. As we all know, it was not an accidental slip of the hand. This was all very calculated and planned out. This was a way of prepping me for the deliberate actions that was to come.

I remember times when Bill would have me pinned on the floor tickling me and his hand would run up the inside of my thigh. I didn’t think much about it because after all I was moving around so much from the tickling and he didn’t seem to be worried about it. It was so subtle in the beginning and the more times subtle things happened, the less and less I  began to notice it.

The touches started out very brief but then began to linger a little longer. What was so quick to the point of almost being unnoticeable became longer and more deliberate. I remember the point at which I began getting that “feeling” in my stomach. Being such a young child, I pushed those feelings aside because at that age I didn’t really understand what that “feeling” in my stomach was telling me. I thought that I was being dumb because Bill wouldn’t hurt me.

I believe that the full on molesting began in his room where there was no one ever around to see anything. I remember him standing me on his bed while he stood in front of me and me looking anywhere and everywhere but in his eyes. Everywhere I looked was the pornography. I still recall the scent of the Old Spice that he wore and the smell of beer on his breath.


~ by Isis on June 28, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Feeling In My Stomach”

  1. Geez Isis sorry to hear that this happened to you. I really admire your honesty and strength.

    Best wishes


  2. I want to join dharmafunk69. The fact that you can write about these things is very admireable.
    Again, I hope it helps.

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